2016 Afro(centric) Day Recap

Afro day which took place on October 19th 2016 was a phenomenal success. Although afro day is an annual event for BASE, this year we wanted it to be BIGGER and BETTER. 2016 has been a pivotal year for the natural hair movement as well as the year where many public issues surfaced regarding black hair and black hair styles.

14805614_10210441114485583_1330794767_nThe purpose of Afro day is to educate the UW-student community about black hair, how to embrace it, care for it, and how those who have natural hair can learn to love it regardless of society’s perceptions. This year many display boards were available for people to look through and learn many different things about natural hair. We were able to showcase display boards about the evolution of black hair styles, hair types, hair perosity, shrinkage, self expression as well as men’s hair. We were even able to get our members to try out a perosity test in order to see how to take care of ther hair and which products to use based on their hair’s perocity levels.

14804942_10210441114845592_1380619833_nAdditionally, we had many products available for sale such as black soap, shampoos, conditioners, castor oil etc. We recognize that Waterloo is a small city and therefore it’s hard to find products which are catered to black hair and so this is how we tried to combat that obstacle. By bringing the products to students we were
making it easier for them to acheive their hair goals without the stress of not being able to find the right products. A vendor known as Kynk Naturals was also there to sell all ORGANIC natural hair products. All her products were homemade with natural ingredients and caus no harm or damage to hair. Because Kynk is stationed in Cambridge, we thought this would be a great opportunity to show students that there are some alternatives and products to buy close to home.

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Hair braiding also took place this Afro day with many students being able to get cornrows done on themselves. We wanted to do this in order to break down stereotypes of black hairstyles being seen as unattractive or being incorrectly labeled (cornrows as ‘boxer braids’). Overall there was a large turnout for the braiding station and many people were beyond happy to have their hair done at a reasonable price while learning more about black hair styles.

Finally, we finished off the night with a discussion in the MPR about issues surrounding natural hair such as professionalism and stereotypes. Many individual were very open to sharing their personal experiences and taking part in the discussion. The natural hair movement was discussed as well as discrimination with hair types. Overall, everyone could relate to the discussion and following this we were able to talk about the progression of the natural hair movement or whether natural hair will be more accepted in this westernized world.

We want to thank everyone that came out for Afro day 2016 and hope you can all join us next year again in order to have another amazing day! We also want to extend a congratulations to all the winners of our Afro Day giveaway event.

The winners of our #AfroDay2016 draw are:

~Courtesy of Curl Ambassadors -2 free curly cuts (value of $85 each):

Lassa  and Gerlie

~Courtesy of Curl Ambassadors -3 free curly cuts (value of $20 each):

Yeabsra ,Nancyy  and Yemurayi

~Courtesy of UWBASE -Natural hair products (Gift Basket):

Alicia Moscovitz

Emails will be sent to the winners regarding the collection of your prizes.

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