About Base

UW BASE stands for University of Waterloo Black Association for Student Expression.

The main purpose for introducing this club to the University of Waterloo is because we, along with several other students, expressed the need for a club dedicated to empowering and uplifting Black people in the Waterloo student body. Our goal for this club is to provide a wide variety of services to Black-Canadians

BASE is a club which helps to foster greater inclusiveness for members of the local Black community. Additionally, we seek to educate people from other cultural groups and expose them to the ethno-cultural groups found in the Black-Canadian community.

Provide Black students with an establishment that offers peer mentorship, community outreach initiatives, and the promotion of diversity and cultural enlightenment

    • Peer Mentorship
    • Assisting with the transition period for new students and provide encouragement
    • Community Outreach
    • Fundraising and volunteer initiatives to support various community groups and charities
    • Promotion of Diversity and Cultural Enlightenment
    • Discussion forums
    • Posters or banners
    • Awareness campaigns (i.e. Black History Month Expo)

Serve as a medium for Black students to express themselves and interact with their peers outside of the classroom, and beyond their usual social cliques

    • Discuss various local and global issues that are related to diversity and the Black community
    • Politics
    • Social injustice
    • Popular Culture (i.e. music, movies, fashion, literature, etc.)

Welcome students of all cultures and ethnicities

Seek to work with other UW cultural clubs in cross-promotional efforts and joint endeavors to encourage cultural diversity and unity among the student body