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UW Black Association for Student Expression Newsletter

Welcome all new and returning members to UW BASE!

Greetings everyone! For our newer-new members since our last email, This is UW BASE’s newsletter service, where we keep you posted on the latest things we have going on in the present, coming up in the near future, and briefing on our most recent events. We’re almost a full month into the Fall term now, and hoping that everyone has been making the most of it thus far (however that may be)! Now, to the details:


***The Original Throwback Jam***


UW BASE would like to thank all those who attended Fever 2016! It was LIT!

We would also like to give a special shoutout to both of the winners for “Best Throwback-Dressed”, Bry and Jabulani; congratulations!


All of the support is greatly appreciated; we look forward to seeing you again next year!!

General Body Meeting

-Wednesday, September 28th, @ QNC1502, 6:30-8pm

The general body meeting will be our first and main opportunity to all meet together as a club, formally introduce you to our executive team, explain further what we do as an exec team and a collective club, and answer any questions you may have. Make sure not to miss out on these essentials!

Full details available at:

Afro(centric) Day

-Monday, October 19th, @ SLC Great Hall/MPR

Afro Day is making its return, and is all about expressing the true you. Regardless of shape, size, nationality, creed or colour, this event celebrates all the differences that allows us to be above the norm. This year we are considering some new twists, including:

~a discussion (on hair in the workplace/hair types/dreads/appropriation/stereotypes)

~a workshop (hair braiding, hair care, local services)

~hair store vendors to supply suggested products

More details to come!

Coffee House

-Wednesday, November 9th, Location TBD

Got any particular talents you wish to share with your peers? Do you love to perform, or are actually nervous by the idea? However you may feel, we welcome you to attend our first Coffee House, be it as a performer or audience member. This is neither a competition, nor an aggressively high-class show; just sign up to present what you’ve got if interested, and join in experiencing cozy vibes.

World Aids Day

-Wednesday, November 30th, Location TBD

We will be tackling the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS, as a part of the World Aids Day initiative. Our motive is to raise awareness in the community about the global pandemic that is HIV/AIDS. We are currently the only club/group that holds an event in honour of World Aids Day, so do not hesitate to get involved if this is a cause you are passionate about.

Closer to the date we will provide more concrete details, and also will be looking for volunteers to help us; if this is something that you are interested in, keep an eye and ear out for any club updates for when we will be seeking your support



As many of you may know, WPIRG is the target of a defunding campaign and we at UWBASE wish to inform our members of the incredible kindness which has been extended to us over the years by WPIRG. Without WPIRG there wouldn’t Black History Month celebrations on the scale that we know it on this impressive campus.WPIRG has contributed almost the entirety of our BHM budget, allowing us to hold our annual One Seed Many Roots series of events in February at a discounted rate, and sometimes for free.

Clubs at UW don’t get funding from the university (aside from $75 from FEDS each term), we therefore rely on the profit made from events to cover the cost of future events. Without funding from WPIRG we would not be able to hold grand events without charging our guests inflated prices, jeopardizing attendance (we all know the struggle out here).

This week there will be an online vote to either KEEP or REMOVE the service which is WPIRG. We urge you to vote KEEP, not only for the benefits BASE reaps, but to maintain the uniting fabric of this University which has been carefully woven by WPIRG since its inception in 1973.

********For the direct link to vote, visit It takes only a minute to vote and this is a very urgent situation that we cannot stress enough; your brief effort would go a very long way, and our appreciation goes just as far. Thank you


-For the #KeepWPIRG campaign site with further details, visit

-For more information on the WPIRG service itself, please follow this link to their website

Take care until the next newsletter!!

Copyright: uwbase


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